Friday, March 7, 2008

Officer Meeting March 6th

Walk for Women
  • we set the location for the carpool and need to send out another reminder email

  • discussed possible presentations to include national priorities as well as more general information about what Amnesty International is, and what Groovefest is.
  • tabling should include components of education, membership, and action
  • need to request materials from Adiyah

Individual Officer Reports


  • proposed participation in the National Week of Student Action

Vice President

  • everything is set to go on Big Event, we should have a total of about 30 between our group and Our Earth


  • attended the ONE campaign meeting on Monday and got information about the campaign for 100% fair trade coffee on campus.
  • will get copies of the petition so we can try to help them reach the necessary 500 signatures, or their desired 1000


  • sumitted emergency budget for Groovefest and we have a meeting for that Sunday

Urgent Action Coordinator

  • will be sending out reminder email about meeting with UA tips

Looked over agenda for this Sunday's meeting

Set a date for Constitutional Convention for April 13th and moved some of the meeting dates around

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