Monday, April 21, 2008

Election Results - Announcement of 2008-2009 Officers

Amendments to the Constitution - all approved

Article 2 – Object of Organization
-add “The Convention on the Rights of the Child” and “The International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families” to Section 4.
Article 4 - Executive Committee
Section 1
-change six permanent positions to five – section to read “The executive committee is composed of five (5) permanent positions including one(1) faculty advisor and four (4) officers (see Section 6).
Section 6 – Officer Duties
-delete “keeps records on membership” and “responsible for directing the Programming Coordinator in his/her responsibilities” from The Vice President’s duties.
-delete The Programming Coordinator from list of permanent officers
-add “keeps records on membership” to The Secretary’s duties
Section 8 – Elections
-add a clause (6) on Voting Requirements – “To be eligible to vote in elections, a member must have attended at least one (1) chapter meeting, not including the meeting at which the elections take place.”
Article 8 – Supremacy Clauses
-delete clause “Even though this chapter of Amnesty International is not officially affiliated with Amnesty International” from Section 2.

2008 - 2009 Officers
President - Sarah Warmker
Vice President - Ephraim Alajaji
Secretary - Cindy Woods
Treasurer - Will O'Donnell
Assistant Treasurer - Katie Knutter
Urgent Action Coordinator - Mady Ohs
Historian - Katie Baker
Volunteer Coordinator - Chris Schroeder
Groovefest Coordinator - Sarah Whitten
Campus Liaison - Serena Prammanasudh
Mascot - Matt Whiteway

Thanks and congratulations everyone! It looks like we're on the road to have a great year next year... complete with our own real live candle to be a walking, talking Amnesty logo at our events. Seriously!

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