Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Meeting June 24th

Fall Groovefest
Groovefest board meeting tomorrow at 7pm in the Will Rogers room of the Union
Sarah Whitten presented her idea for the theme (look on the groovefest blog!)
We talked about trying to prepare the educational materials this summer since the event is relatively early in the semester - September 28th!

Ideas for Summer Activities
Statewide Conference Planning
Prepare education materials for Groovefest
Awareness activity on Guantanamo Bay

Urgent Action
It would be a good idea to do fundraising for our postage expenses
We watched "Sierra Urban," a documentary about residents of Medellin, Colombia
For more info about the human rights situation in Colombia, read this


Sarah W(hitten) said...

I love Sarah Warmker!

OU Amnesty International said...
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Anonymous said...

but i hate schroeder