Saturday, August 23, 2008

Updates on Fall 2008 semester

Hey everyone! Hope that you are all feeling good about school starting again.

Here's what our schedule looks like for the semester so far

Immediate events

SOW (Sooner Orientation Week) Involvement Fair Sunday (tomorrow!) from 2-6 in the Walker-Adams mall between the dorms.
CAC Howdy Week

Start-of-School events

August 28th - chalking for picnic & informational meeting
September 1st (Monday) 5pm - Labor Day Picnic (Pot luck) in Reeves' Park (back to school party!)
September 2nd (Tuesday) 7pm - Informational Meeting in the Scholars Room of the Union

General Meetings
So far all have been scheduled for 5pm on Sunday evenings in the Heritage Room of the Union. Here are the dates:
Sept. 14
Oct. 19
Nov 9
Nov. 23
Dec. 7

Other dates to keep in mind:
Fall Groovefest September 28th in Andrews Park
WorldFest Fair Trade Market in OKC Oct 3-5 (Volunteer opportunity for our group if we want it!)
AI Southern Regional Conference in Memphis Oct 31-Nov 2
International Human Rights Day & 60th Anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights Dec 10th

More updates coming soon!!

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