Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Next Meeting Sunday, November 23rd

Hey everyone,

We won't have a Wednesday meeting this week, but our next general meeting is this Sunday, November 23rd at 5pm in the Heritage Room of the Union. Check out the latest Urgent Action at and bring your letter to the meeting.

Please find some new info on the Corporate Accountability section of our wiki. (Extra special thanks to Jace for all the info on living wage). If you would like to contribute to the research on this wiki, all you need is a google account. Send your google account info to this address and we will authorize you.

As far as Corporate Accountability goes, for the rest of the semester we will be screening documentaries on this subject to watch as a group and planning for the film series on this campaign, that will happen in the two weeks leading into the Statewide Conference.

Good luck with classes and see you soon


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