Sunday, February 1, 2009

Groovefest Vendors

Okay, guys,

I have been working hard to get stuff ready so we can get lots of vendors this year at Groovefest. When I went through the pile of papers we got from the Groovefest committee, I found contact information for 15 former vendors and 11 non-profit groups. I also looked up contact info for many non-profit advocacy groups at OU and added them to the list.

I will post the list to the Blog so that everyone can look at it and add to it if they come up with more ideas. We probably have enough in the way of non-profits, but we could definitely use some more vendors and artists, especially since we probably won't be able to convince every person we contact, even if they have come in the past.

Should we just charge one price for all vendors, regardless of whether they are selling artwork or “crafts”? It seems there is a fuzzy line between the two – last year they charged a henna artist/palm reader the artist price and charged a guy who made tie-dyed tee shirts the vendor price. Maybe one price for food sales and one price for everything else? Non-profits should still be free, of course.

I am going to need help contacting these people, I think. What do you guys think we should do: send emails, call, go in person? All three? For anyone who wants to help, I would write up an example schpiel that you could use when calling people.

There is a scrap of paper that says "Noise Ordinance". Do we need one of these, or any other permits for selling things or having music?

Could we ourselves sell things at Groovefest if we are already selling the t-shirts? We could raise money to help cover the Flobots that way. Maybe food, etc?

Anyway, it's stuff to think about. See you guys later!
Katie B.


Sarah (w) said...

We do need noise ordinances, two of them to cover the time period, but we will take care of that when we visit with the City of Norman about facilities issues...

Katie thanks for working so hard on this! You rock!

Elliot Hale said...

OK, I think That it makes since to charge once price for food vendors, and one price for everyone else. I also think that I could help to find at least 2 or 3 artists.