Thursday, September 17, 2009

Activist in Residence from Ghana - Co-hosted by the Women's and Gender Studies and African and African American Studies Programs

The Women’s and Gender Studies Program and the African and African American Studies Program present Franciska Issaka, an activist, organizer, former elected and appointed government official from Ghana next week. She is the Activist-in-Residence for this fall and also the first speaker part of Dr. Irvine’s Women and World Politics Presidential Dream Course.

She is an inspiring and interesting figure with amazing experience. You can find the event on facebook. Please feel free to email, post, distribute, and encourage everyone to attend these awesome events.

Her schedule is as follow:

September 23 2.30pm Workshop “How To Change the World” lessons learned from everyday activism in Ghana, Traditions Room OMU

September 23 7pm Public Lecture “Realizing Women’s Rights in Africa: The Interface between Cultural and Universal Rights,” Scholars Room OMU

September 25 10am Breakfast “From One Activist To Another” meet and greet Franciska Issaka, a human rights activist from Ghana, Women’s and Gender Studies Lounge PHSC 531

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