Saturday, February 9, 2008

Officer meeting Thursday, Feb. 7th

Officer Reports

  • Treasurer - Will is looking into the requirements for the UOSA budget, which is due soon. He will attend the UOSA budgetary meeting next week to find out more information.
  • Urgent Action - Mady is finding out the necessary procedures for postage to mail our UA letters, and had the idea to send out the UA as an attachment to the email announcement of letter writing meetings so people can read & become familiar with it in advance
  • Vice President - Ephraim is formulating a list of committees and will make sign up sheets
  • President - the OU website has been updated with mostly correct information, and we now have access to our OU email account, but we need a web developer
  • Secretary - Cindy suggested that we do an event related to poverty and we discussed the importance of making activists in the developed world understand the significance of social, economic, and cultural rights

Dr. Skeeters gave us information about the allocation of UOSA funds and suggested some ideas for next year's events, including putting together a panel discussion or inviting a speaker, having a banquet (an awareness raising "hunger banquet," perhaps)

We need to get a good idea of what events we're having next year so they can be included in our budget.

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