Friday, February 1, 2008

Officer Meeting January 31, 2008

Officer Reports


  • Will be working on putting together a “blue form” (UOSA accounting request form) policy
  • Budget – need to find out deadline for 2008-2009 budget and requirements

Urgent Action

  • Will send out email to inform everyone about Sunday’s meeting
  • Purchase supplies (stamps, envelopes, etc) and make sure copies of letters are made

Vice President

Will be putting everyone into committees

  • Urgent Action (Mady)
  • Short Presentation (Ephraim)
  • Groovefest (Will)
  • Statewide conference (Sarah)
  • The Vagina Monologues (Kylie)
  • Membership (Sarah)
  • Tshirt (Ephraim)
  • Volunteer coordinating
  • Camping (yes, really) (Will)


  • Trying to get website going so we can have a calendar
  • Dr. Skeeters might start coming to meetings
  • Organizing, organizing…

Constitutional Convention – we should plan one, to work on our group’s constitution

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